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Fine Art Prints by Ricky Qi

Journey's End

Journey's End

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During my time with the Mosuo, I was a witness to and participant in the social happenings that typically mark the course of the year of village life: plantings and harvests, weddings and births, and even the odd funeral. But it was while in attendance of a funeral of a young man who was seen as having died before his time that I witnessed the "daba", Mosuo shamans, chanting and encouraging the spirit of the young man to undertake a journey, a pathway that all spirits may take. It was an exhausting affair, lasting an entire day-and-night in which they chanted without break, in hopes that his spirit would hear their cries and leave his home for the road. 

I later asked them where his spirit went. According to Mosuo oral tradition, when someone passes away, their spirit must embark on a journey to the place of their ancestors. The path to this sacred location can be treacherous, and the spirits of the departed must overcome formidable obstacles to reach the valley where their ancestors reside. For those who make it, there in the valley will their spirit find peace and repose, their soul restored and rejuvenated for eternity. I asked the daba if this valley of the ancestors was a real location. To my surprise, they happily disclosed that it was valley of Yading, nestled in the shadow of the three holy mountains of Chenrézig, Chanadorje, and Jampayang.

Years after, when I was in between work, I found an opportunity to visit the valley. High up on the Tibetan plateau, it had since become a tourist destination, sought after for its pristine views and its crisp air. Even so, much of it was as I imagined. In the still of a cool October afternoon, I sat down and watched a horse grazing in the shadow of the towering mountains. A stream trickled nearby, the passage of water over rock deceiving my ears into hearing the sounds of giggling of children and women. I looked up, the sun was glowing behind a single cloud, illuminating it from within. A gentle wind descended into the valley, persuading the grass to dance, and I finally understood why that day they chanted without pause. 

Yading Valley, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. 

About this print:
Gicleé inks on museum-grade, 0.43mm thick 100% premium cotton paper. A smooth-matte surface provides a beautiful organic texture and excellent viewing from any angle. 


A 0.6-inch, white border runs along the perimeter of the image. Does not come framed. Please allow print to gently flatten out over a few days upon arrival before framing or hanging.

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