Every image has a story.

Welcome to my print shop. Here you'll find a selection of images from my archives, taken on various assignments in varied places over the years, available to purchase and collect as prints.

They reflect my desire to evoke the threads that help us to hold fast to our traditions and to the places we call home. Each has a story behind their making, and I encourage you to discover them, and find something here that speaks to you.

About the Prints

Prints are categorized into Limited and Unlimited Edition, and Frameless Prints.

Limited Edition prints are exclusive prints produced, signed, and numbered in a strictly limited quantity and created from a single plate during one production run. Once sold out, no additional prints will be produced.

Unlimited Edition prints remain open to print upon demand.

Frameless Prints are mounted on a ultra-thick standalone backing for rigidity. They're ideal for frameless presentation or small spaces. 

For custom order inquiries, please contact: prints@rickyqi.com

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Frameless Prints

A new way to experience images, Frameless Prints are are created using the chromogenic... 

Limited Edition

Unlimited Edition

Frameless Prints