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Fine Art Prints by Ricky Qi

Rest For a While Here (8x12 inch Frameless Print)

Rest For a While Here (8x12 inch Frameless Print)

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Journeying across the sweeping Mongolian steppe, the expanse between destinations can feel vast, and lonely. But for drivers like Ongu, the country is as familiar as the lines on his sun-beaten hands. Whenever two vehicles crossed paths, a curious tradition takes place– a pause, a chat, an exchange of news and familiarity. These idle interludes will sometimes last an hour; a deliberate practice called "Khuukhdiin khuree" - the art of stopping by to have a chat. In a land where people are few and far between, the invisible threads that bind one person to another are treated with greater care and significance. 

One afternoon, after arriving at a nomadic settlement to stay the night, I made this image of Ongu. As everyone else stepped out to stretch their legs, he remained content to rest in the warm backseat of his van, paging through a world encyclopedia, dreaming of places he had yet to visit. 

Gorkhi-Terelj, Mongolia.


About this print:
Chromogenic process on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper. A fine-grain lustre surface provides deep rich blacks, vivid colors and accurate tonal gradation. Mounted on a premium ultra-thick standalone backing for rigidity. Ideal for frameless presentation or small spaces. 


A 0.4-inch, white border runs along the perimeter of the image. Does not come framed. 


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