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Fine Art Prints by Ricky Qi

Musician and Soldier (8x12 inch Frameless Print)

Musician and Soldier (8x12 inch Frameless Print)

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I made this image during the summer of 2016, during Opération Sentinelle, a military operation deployed in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Île-de-France. During that time, an unusual mood weighed heavy on the city; and I felt the usual hustle and bustle of Paris take on a new dimension of unease.

Walking through the Palais du Louvre, I heard the sound of a violin echoing through the stone arcade. I followed the music, but was surprised to find a soldier patrolling beneath the shadow of a column. The source of the music– a busker, continued to play nearby, seemingly unaware of his presence. It was a moment of contrast: two people occupying the same space, yet existing in two vastly separate ways. It was in that split second I sensed there was a connection between them, and made an image. 

It's difficult to put into words what I felt that moment, but as I reflect back, I'm reminded that within each of us lies an inherent capacity to create, to feel, and to bear witness to both the beauty and the terror of our world. Despite the chaotic nature of these uncertain times, and no matter our station in society, we each hold a unique role to play, and it is through our collective efforts that life perseveres.  

About this print:
Chromogenic process on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper. A fine-grain lustre surface provides deep rich blacks, vivid colors and accurate tonal gradation. Mounted on a premium ultra-thick standalone backing for rigidity. Ideal for frameless presentation or small spaces. 


A 0.4-inch, white border runs along the perimeter of the image. Does not come framed. 

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