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Fine Art Prints by Ricky Qi



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As the sun rises over the unending pastureland surrounding us, I spy Kadisha with her cows a short distance from the yurt. It's a frosty morning, and the crunch of the frozen grass underfoot is the only distraction from the biting cold.

She works diligently, coaxing milk from the cow's udder with practiced ease, while the cow's calf watches on, its big brown eyes fixed on the intruder stealing his breakfast. I can't help but feel a twinge of guilt at the thought of taking away from the calf's nourishment... But Kadisha doesn't seem to share my concern. Instead, she greets me with a warm, knowing smile, as if she can sense my apprehension.

Back inside the cozy yurt, she hands me a bowl of steaming tea, its rich, salty aroma filling my senses. I put it to my lips... The warmth spreads through my body, driving away the chill of the morning. For a moment, all doubts and worries disappear. I am content to simply savor the moment. 

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia.

About this print:
Gicleé inks printed on Hahnemühle Torchon, a 0.50mm thick, 100% alpha-cellulose archival paper manufactured in Dassel, Germany. Acid & lignin free. A unique watercolor texture lends to a three-dimensional effect and excellent sense of depth.

Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition of 100. 

A 0.8-inch, white border runs along the perimeter of the image. Does not come framed. Please allow print to gently flatten out over a few days upon arrival before framing or hanging.

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